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The members of the Red Star Intertribal Gourd Dance Society  acknowledge that women have an important role within the Society, and in support of the warrior society. Per approval of the Society, a Women's Auxiliary is hereby established. The purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the Society with the gourd dance and other activities of the Society; including, dancing with Society members at gourd dances in the proper way, assisting with fundraising, assisting with giveaways, assisting with logistics, participating in cultural and language events, and providing necessary support as identified by the Auxiliary and the Society.


Membership in the Auxiliary is open to all female spouses of accepted members of the Red Star Intertribal Gourd Dance Society  or females who apply and meet the same criteria as male members and are approved through the same process, with recommendation of the Auxiliary.


Members of the Auxiliary will conduct themselves in a manner respectful of the elders and leaders of the Society.

The members of the Women’s Auxiliary established the dress code in October 2004. A very dark blue shawl with white or silver fringe and the large Red Star centered in the middle of the back. was adopted as the standard to be worn by members of the Women’s Auxiliary. Either long pants or long dresses can be worn to dance in, but shorts are not permitted. White western style hats can be worn when hats are being worn by the men, as appropriate.

Anyone interested in receiving information concerning the Red Star Intertribal Gourd Dance Society Woman's Auxiliary can contact the Leader of the Woman's Auxiliary at auxiliary at